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CAF Investment Account


We've answered some commonly-asked questions about managing your CAF Investment Account.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may not get back the full amount that you originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. There is no guarantee about the level of capital or income returns that will be generated.

  • How do I deposit cash into my portfolio?

    You can add cash into any portfolio within your CAF Investment Account by paying the funds into the following bank account:

    • Sort Code: 40 02 50
    • Account Number: 41364596
    • IBAN: GB16MIDL40025041364596
    • Account Name: WBS GBP CM SEG INST
    • Reference format: PF00000000XXXXX

    Using the correct reference

    Each portfolio within your account has a unique reference. You received this reference in your welcome email, when your CAF Investment Account was opened. It is also available on the last page of your quarterly Statement and valuation.

    Please note:

    • Payments can only be made in Pounds Sterling (GBP).
    • Once the payment has been received the funds will be added to the WBS payments queue and then allocated to your Deposit Cash Account. This process can take up to two business days, assuming the correct payment reference is used.
    • WBS will automatically return funds to the originating bank account, within eight days, if we are unable to match the reference quoted by you or if the payment did not originate from your nominated bank account.
      • WBS will not notify you if funds are returned you will need to check your nominated account if the funds do not appear on your portfolio.

  • Is interest paid on cash balances?

    We don't pay interest on cash balances. The CAF Investment Account is designed for investments; however a working balance is useful for fees and opportunities eg corporate actions.

  • How do I withdraw cash from my portfolio?
    • You can withdraw cash from your portfolio by using the Pending Payments Out tab, on the left hand side of your screen. Payments can only be made in Pounds Sterling (GBP).
    • The Create tab will allow you to create your payment request by following the steps in the form displayed on your screen.
    • If you have more than one portfolio designation, you should select the relevant portfolio from the 'Portfolio' dropdown.
    • You can only transfer funds to your nominated bank account, which will be pre-completed for you.
    • Your account will show the maximum amount that can be withdrawn. This is a combination of the balance on your Deposit Account and any unsettled deals on your Trading Account. If you instruct to pay away unsettled funds, then payment will be delayed until those funds have cleared.
    • The processing date for the payment is pre-filled to two days ahead, to allow for trades to settle. If you know that you have sufficient funds that are cleared to cover your request then you can choose an earlier date.
    • Once created, your payment will move into the Awaiting Authorisation tab and will be available for your other authorisers to approve.

    Dual Authorisation – 3 steps to follow

    1. Execute the payment request
    2. The second authoriser gives approval for the payment. The payment is then moved to the WBS payments queue, where it will be checked by WBS. The payment will only be made after this, if all checks are passed.
    3. If approved the payment will be shown as a debit in your on your account transaction history under the Historic tab. This is your audit trail.
      • If you are the second authoriser and are looking to withdraw the maximum cash available then we recommend that you check your Transaction history first to confirm that the funds have been paid.

    Please note:

    • The system only checks the available balance when the payment is first created. If funds are withdrawn between this check and the payment being generated, this may result in insufficient funds on the Deposit Account to make the requested payment. If this happens then the payment will remain in a pending state until sufficient funds are available.
      • The system will not provide you with a specific notification of this pending status.

    If you have any questions about the timing of authorised payments then please contact us on 03000 123 333, during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, except English bank holidays) or email us on investments@cafonline.org to receive a call-back from one of our consultants.

  • What’s a corporate action?

    This is when a company does something that impacts its shares or the Fund(s) they manage. For example they may want to raise additional money and will offer existing shareholders an opportunity to buy more shares at a discounted rate.

  • Can I transfer cash between separate portfolios within my CAF Investment Account?
    No, if you want to transfer between portfolios you will need to withdraw to your nominated bank account and pay the funds back into your selected portfolio, ensuring to include the correct portfolio reference.
  • How will I know that a corporate action is taking place?

    You’ll be sent a message from CFSL to notify you of any corporate action events that impact one of your holdings. Your Primary Contact must then provide instructions on behalf of your organisation in the timescales that will be provided.

  • I have multiple portfolio designations; will I get separate Statement and Valuations for each?
    No, they will be combined in one statement found within the ‘Documents’ section of the account.
  • Are there any restrictions on cash withdrawals from the CAF Investment Account?

    There are no restrictions but you must have cleared funds to cover the withdrawal.

  • How do I withdraw the income paid on my investments?
    • Any income paid on your investments will be credited to the Deposit Account for the portfolio that holds the asset within your CAF Investment Account.
    • Once the funds are available in your Deposit Account you can reinvest them from there. Or you can choose to use the Pending Payments Out functionality to withdraw them to your nominated bank account. Please see the “How do I withdraw cash from a portfolio?” Frequently Asked Question entry for more information on how to do this.
  • How do I request paper copies of statements and Consolidated Tax Vouchers (CTVs)?

    You can download and print these from within your CAF Investment Account. Please remember that documents are cleared down every three months, so you will need to ensure that you go in and collect what you need on a regular basis.

  • How do I request copies of reports, MI and valuations?

    You can download and print these from within your CAF Investment Account.

  • How long do documents remain available within the Documents section?

    Whilst we will keep these documents available for you to access for as long as possible, occasionally Winterflood Business Services may need to remove older versions for house-keeping purposes. If this is to happen then we will let you know in advance.

    Your primary contact will be advised when a document is available and we suggest that you download and save copies for your records.

  • Can my organisation have more than one portfolio in a CAF Investment Account?

    Yes, please see the separate FAQ ‘Can I apply for more than one CAF Investment Account?’

  • Can you claim an exemption from withholding tax on my US holdings?

    We are currently unable to make claims on your behalf. We will however provide you with tax vouchers to assist you with making claims on behalf of your organisation.

  • What happens to the distributions paid on the holdings in a portfolio?
    Distributions are paid into the Deposit Account within the CAF Investment Account.
  • My CAF Investment Account does not seem to be working very well on my computer. What can I do?

    It is recommended that you use Google Chrome for the best user experience.

  • What information will I receive for my annual accounting returns?

    Each year a Consolidated Tax Voucher will be produced for the year to 5th April for each portfolio. This is typically available within 30 days of year end and will be made available to you via Documents. Your primary contact will be sent an e-mail to notify you when it is available.

    CAF Financial Solutions Limited (CFSL) will receive individual tax vouchers for each distribution. These can be supplied to you on request.

  • What cash accounts are used in a portfolio?

    There are two cash accounts in each portfolio:

    • The Deposit account holds any cash reserve you wish to maintain pending investment and is used to collect distributions from the holdings in the portfolio. It is also the account from which fees are taken. We suggest that you maintain a sufficient balance on this account to meet the CAF Investment Account fees and to allow for ad hoc events such as corporate actions.
    • The Trading account is used to place and settle trades. It automatically sweeps money to and from your Deposit account, so you do not need to make separate transfers.

    Within the Dashboard you may notice an ‘Income Account’ listed however this functionality is not used within the CAF Investment Account and so the balance will always show as zero.


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