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We've answered some commonly-asked questions about making trades through the CAF Investment Account.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may not get back the full amount that you originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. There is no guarantee about the level of capital or income returns that will be generated.

  • How can I find the stock I want to invest in?

    Once you’ve logged into your CAF Investment Account, the ‘Trading’ screens let you search for a stock.

  • I have more than one portfolio within my CAF Investment Account, how do I trade from my correct portfolio?
    When you click ‘Buy asset’ a pop up box appears and you should select the correct portfolio from the drop down list.

    When selling an existing asset, you would select the asset from your ‘Holdings’ from within your chosen portfolio.
  • When are the prices calculated?

    Share prices are taken from the relevant Stock Exchange on which they are listed. For on screen valuations they are shown on a 15-minute delay basis. When you place a trade you will be given a quote price and 15 seconds to accept.

    Fund prices are calculated daily by the Fund Manager in most circumstances, but some may have different pricing periods (e.g. weekly/monthly).

  • Is there a minimum trade value for the CAF Investment Account?
    There are no restrictions for the majority of investments, other than you need to have enough cleared funds to cover the trade and any charges (UK stock-market trades - minimum £5; International stock-market trades - minimum £7 and Fund trades are free). See Fees and charges.
  • I placed a fund order – why can’t I see it on my portfolio?

    These types of order are placed once a day, so it can take one to two days before you see the completed order. This may be longer if you buy or sell a fund that trades less frequently, eg, some property funds may only trade monthly.

  • Is there a minimum cash balance for the CAF Investment Account?

    There's no minimum cash balance, but you should hold a small reserve for unexpected events such as corporate actions, or to cover your quarterly fees.

  • Is there a maximum balance for the CAF Investment Account?

    There's no maximum balance.

  • What is a dividend Ex Date?

    This is the date you need to be holding the stock on in order to be entitled to the next dividend payment.

  • What is a dividend pay date?

    This is the date the company pays the dividend to the qualifying shareholders.

  • Can I buy non-UK stocks?
    You can buy stocks in certain non-GDP currencies, but the CAF Investment Account operates on a GBP (or UK pound sterling) basis and all overseas holdings will be valued in GBP. All receipts, eg, distributions, paid in an overseas currency will be converted to GBP before they are credited to the CAF Investment Account.
  • What is a settlement date?

    When you trade it typically takes two to four days to finalise the trade, depending on what you’re trading in. Some funds may have longer settlement periods, as they don’t trade on a daily basis eg some property funds, which only trade monthly. For a sale you can’t withdraw the money until the settlement date.

  • Can I trade complex investments?

    No. You will not be able to access complex investments through the CAF Investment Account at this time.


Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have about the CAF Investment Account.

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Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have about investing through the CAF Investment Account.

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Once you’re up and running, we can help with any technical questions you have. Please call 03000 123 444 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm (excluding English bank holidays).

The CAF Investment Account is an unadvised investment product. This means that CAF and Winterflood Business Services can’t offer any advice, so it’s important to get guidance from an independent financial adviser. To find one in your area, visit

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