It's clear that charities need to adapt now or risk serious long-term damage to their services and - by extension - the lives of their beneficiaries.

And that's exactly what we are seeing through the results of our surveys, run by CAF's Research Team, and also in the applications for our emergency fund. To learn more about how charities are adapting now, we're joined by Susan Pinkney, Head of Research at CAF. Watch the video below (or read the transcript) and hear from Susan as she discusses her team's latest research into charities.

How are charities adapting to meet the needs of their beneficiaries?

  • Video transcript

    How are charities adapting to meet the needs of their beneficiaries?

    Towards the end of April we asked about 400 charities whether they changed anything they’re doing as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

    58% said that they started working remotely. Two in five said that they found an alternative or innovative way to deliver their service - and this is something that we’re really seeing in a lot of the CAF Emergency Grant applications that are coming into us, people pivoting and finding different ways of interacting with beneficiaries

    A quarter found new ways to interact with beneficiaries. And again, through things like the grant applications we’re seeing a lot of people shifting to working from home, to interacting via applications such as Zoom, and just finding different ways of talking to the people they need to talk to.

    23% said they refocused their charity’s activities. Really interestingly one in five said that they developed new collaborations, whether that be with other organisations or other groups of people. 

    So I think what the research has shown us is that there is a lot of pivoting being done by charities. They are trying to find ways of being resilient and to adapt to the situation that we all find ourselves in currently.


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