Where will you tell your stories?

Once you’ve identified your stories, think about how and where you can tell them to have the biggest impact.

Find the right channels
• Which digital channels will you use to tell your stories? Which of your social media channels gets the most engagement? If the content is hosted on your website, have you thought about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help increase the visibility of the page on search engines? 
• Make use of your existing contacts via email marketing, attract new donors with paid ads or work with the media to gain external coverage.
Get creative
• It’s not all about the written word. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure the images you use match the tone of your story and enhance your messaging.
• Take advantage of video, an invaluable tool for storytelling. It doesn’t have to be a high production value film, why not ask your beneficiaries to take over your social channels for a day or record a vlog?
• Think about how you can cut through the mass of information that’s online. How will you get your audience to open that email or stop scrolling on social media to really engage with your post?
• Different channels require different lengths and depths of stories, so adjust your content accordingly.

Think about your audience
• Make sure to align your stories with your potential donors’ priorities, values and interests to encourage a greater connection.
• Adjust your stories to your different audiences groups. Could you segment your audience by persona or the stage they’re at in supporting you? From their initial awareness of your cause, developing trust in your organisation and connecting with you, all the way through to actively promoting your work to others, can you tailor your story or messaging to appeal to your audience at these different stages?

The call to action
• Once your story has convinced a donor to give, what happens next?
• Is your donor journey as smooth as possible? How many steps or clicks do they have to take to complete their donation? Do you offer them the option of giving regularly as well as a one-off donation? Are you including a suggested donation amount? Are you using a trusted donation platform? 

A well-told story can provoke tears or laughter, make you angry or content, happy or sad. As a small charity, storytelling is an invaluable tool for connecting with your audience and ultimately raising those vital funds. Take time to get it right. You’ll find it’s worth it.