In these difficult times, charities need good leadership to make sure they achieve their purpose or even simply to survive. Recognising the important role it plays in the sector, the Charity Awards, sponsored by Charities Aid Foundation, focuses on leadership as one of its Hallmarks of Excellence, an attribute judges take into account when reviewing entry forms.

From authoritarian to transformational, participative to laissez-faire, leadership takes many forms each with different processes and sometimes, different outcomes. Take our quiz to find out what type of leader you are. Please only select one of the answers to each question.

What does your leadership bring to your team?

Your recent project has been a huge success, what do you put it down to?

Numbers are down and the trustee board wants to see an improvement right away, how do you turn the situation around?

A team member has made a serious mistake, potentially costing your organisation money and good feeling, how do you handle it?

Your colleague comes to you with an idea they feel could save time and money, how do you react?