You are an


Your traits:
Controlling, decisive, disciplined

Your celebrity example:

Alex Ferguson

Famous for giving some of the world’s most expensive footballers ‘the hairdryer treatment’, no-one stepped out of line when Fergie was around and his incredible record as a manager attests to this style’s strength.

You have an authoritarian leadership style; some might even say autocratic. While that may sound a bit harsh, your methods are certainly the best for getting results quickly and everyone looks to you in a crisis. You say jump and your team say ‘how high?’ Research has shown that people are at their most productive under styles of leadership like yours. Unfortunately, it has also shown that when you are not physically present to push your staff, productivity drops to near zero.

With their top-down style, authoritarian leaders don’t really get the benefits of team working and may find their staff demoralised, resulting in high turnover and absenteeism. Maybe try giving someone else’s views a hearing.

Remember that every charity is different and there are no right answers to leadership. Some techniques are more appropriate in certain contexts than others. Whatever your leadership style, it’s important to remember that the best leaders inspire, motivate and make others feel good about themselves.

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