You are a


Your traits:
Collaborative, team player, good listener

Your celebrity example:
Nelson Mandela

Healing the nation of South Africa presented massive challenges but Nelson Mandela knew it could not be accomplished without the involvement of all.

When it comes to leadership, you believe consensus is the name of the game. You’re big enough to recognise that you can’t know everything and that’s why you employed skilled and experienced people. Of course, just because everybody contributes, doesn’t mean it isn’t you making the final decision, but because they feel empowered your team can act without direct instructions, and therefore is much more flexible in a changing environment.

While it’s nice to be nice, you should take care not to let people get confused about hierarchy, or else they might feel disorganised and leaderless. A close eye must be kept on the time projects are taking to ensure group discussions do not slow them down.

Remember that every charity is different and there are no right answers to leadership. Some techniques are more appropriate in certain contexts than others. Whatever your leadership style, it’s important to remember that the best leaders inspire, motivate and make others feel good about themselves.