You are a



Your traits:
Visionary, charismatic, risk taker

Your celebrity example:

Barack Obama

Change. The one word slogan that encapsulated President Barack Obama’s first campaign for the oval office.

You’re the boss, you’ve got the vision and you’re going to lead the change. The details aren’t your forte, but you’ve set the goal and will let others determine how they get there. While you’re comfortable delegating, you’re very visible and spend a lot of time communicating your ideas to the team. But don’t forget - communication is a two-way street and you shouldn’t let your vision deafen you to the views of your colleagues.

Transformational leaders have vision, but shouldn’t forget that details are important. They should try to surround themselves with people who can make sure the procedural work is done - and done well.

Remember that every charity is different and there are no right answers to leadership. Some techniques are more appropriate in certain contexts than others. Whatever your leadership style, it’s important to remember that the best leaders inspire, motivate and make others feel good about themselves.


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