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Coronavirus is an existential threat to charities. Crucial organisations now face collapse and many are unable to raise the funds they need among a global lockdown.

The behaviour of donors has also been upended: how people feel, what they think and how they act has changed. Will this be the new norm?

Watch the session and discover CAF’s latest insight into the impact of COVID-19 among donors and charities. You'll learn what the polling tells us about how donors are feeling and how you can work with them in these difficult times, and what we can do to encourage giving into the future. Topics include:

  • How donors are reacting to coronavirus and lockdown
  • How charities are coping: their needs, challenges and hopes
  • What we can do to encourage more giving
  • What’s next - can we rebuild after the epidemic?

This session was held live on 30 April 2020.

Resources and hand-outs

This session featured exclusive research from the CAF Research Team. If you want to learn more (or you missed the session) access the resources below:

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Meet your experts

  • Rhodri Davies

    Rhodri Davies

    Head of Policy

    A leading expert in philanthropy and civil society, Rhodri leads CAF’s think tank Giving Thought. He’s also the author of Public Good by Private Means: How philanthropy shaped Britain, which traces the history of philanthropy in Britain.

  • Susan Pinkney

    Susan Pinkney

    Head of Research

    Susan is responsible for leading world class research projects, alongside Ben, like the World Giving Index and UK Giving, the largest annual survey into giving in Britain. An experienced commentator, well versed in making the complex simple and drawing sharp insights from data, Susan brings opinion to life.

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