CAF 60 Day Notice rate increase

Even small rises can
make a difference

The CAF 60 Day Notice Account is provided by Shawbrook Bank and was launched by CAF less than a year ago, exclusively for charitable organisations.

With a 60 day notice period and no limits on the number of deposits (subject to the maximum balance) and withdrawals, it’s a flexible way to generate extra income from your hard-earned funds.

Rate increase

Since the interest rate increased  to 0.80% AER/Gross (variable) from 0.70% AER/Gross on 30 November 2015, your funds can now earn even more.


Already have an account?

Take advantage of the increased rate by topping up your account today. You can make further deposits into your account via your nominated bank account.

How to apply

Download an application form to open an account.


This stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. If you left a sum of money in your account all year, the AER would be the interest rate you’d get if we paid you interest during the course of the year and your subsequently higher balance then earned more interest (this is known as Compound Interest). The AER will only be higher than the gross interest rate where we pay you interest more than once a year. We quote the AER on all of our accounts so that you can compare our products with those of other banks.

Gross. Interest will be paid gross and the Charity will be responsible for paying any tax due to HMRC.

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