Online banking

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CAF Bank Online is a simple and secure way to manage your day-to-day transactions wherever and whenever you have access to the internet.

Everything you'd expect from online banking

  • view statements and balances for your CAF Cash, CAF Gold and CAF Platinum accounts
  • transfer money between your CAF Cash and CAF Gold accounts
  • transfer money to other UK bank accounts
  • pay your staff salaries or suppliers using CAF Cash QuickPay
  • order cheque or paying-in books
  • change your passwords
  • create, amend and delete standing orders

Safe and secure transactions

As an additional security measure, transactions to third parties carried out online require dual authorisation. So once a transaction has been initiated, it requires another online user - authorised by your organisation - to approve it before any money leaves your account.

CAF Cash QuickPay for charities

CAF Cash QuickPay is a free service which, when logged in, allows you to create and send payments via the Faster Payments Service. Faster Payments is a free, fast and secure way of making payments to your recipient’s account by the end of the next bank working day.

It’s ideal for paying staff salaries and making payments to suppliers, as it allows you to set up, amend and delete groups of payees and transfer irregular amounts.

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Log in to CAF Bank Online

CAF Bank Online customers can log in to view statements, transfer money, make payments and order cheque or paying-in books.

Log in to CAF Bank Online

CAF Bank Online user guide

CAF Bank Online is simple to use and secure. Our user guide will help you become familiar with the functionality it offers.

Download the CAF Bank Online user guide

CAF Cash Quick Pay user guide

CAF Cash Quick Pay is ideal for paying salaries and suppliers. Our guide will help you to make the most of the QuickPay service.

Download the CAF Cash Quick Pay user guide