• What is CAF Charity Dashboard?

Apply for CAF Charity Dashboard

  • How to apply for CAF Charity Dashboard

  • I can’t find my charity in the sign-up process

  • Can I apply for CAF Charity Dashboard if I’m not a registered charity?

  • Can I use the CAF Charity Dashboard if I’m an overseas charity?

  • How long does it take to set up CAF Charity Dashboard?

  • What if I already have a CAF login?

  • How do I get my donations faster?

  • I want my donations to go to different charity bank accounts

Managing your CAF Charity Dashboard

Online Payment Reports

  • What is a remittance advice?

  • What is a Payment Report?

  • Why are online remittances different from paper remittances?

  • How quickly will donations arrive in my charity’s bank account?

  • We’ve received a donation from overseas – how long will it take for CAF to process it?

  • What could cause a donation to be delayed?

  • How often will I receive a remittance advice?

  • How can we print a remittance advice?

  • Can we contact donors after they’ve donated to us?