Tools and guides

We've put together some useful resources to help raise your charity's online presence and make the most of your fundraising; from utilising social network sites like Twitter, to using our online donation processing platform CAF Donate.

There are many charities out there trying to raise money for good causes, so it’s important that yours is heard and seen online.

The links below should help you to do just that.

If you have any further questions and would like to chat to one of our expert team, please contact us.

CAF Donate

CAF Donate is our new online donation processing platform which can help you to fundraise through the web, mobile devices and Facebook - and lets you manage the entire donation experience yourself.

Charity secret weapons

From pulling together a clear case for support to making the most of Twitter, we've selected some powerful tools to help you develop your charity's strengths.

Updates and Insight

Our quarterly newsletter for charities keeps you up-to-date on developments within CAF as well as the latest giving trends.


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