Protecting the world

The Covid-19 pandemic could devastate parts of the developing world.  But with a concerted, co-ordinated and holistic approach, the international community can avoid a large-scale humanitarian tragedy in vulnerable regions – and protect the rest of the world from destabilisation through poverty, insecurity and mass migration.

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Protecting the most vulnerable and frontline responders around the world

What makes us different?  

With a network spanning six continents and partnerships with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE), the UN Foundation and WHO, the CAF Global Alliance helps collect and distribute millions of pounds worth of resources globally.

Our decades of experience, high due diligence standards and deep local knowledge ensures resources always reach those who need it most, fast, efficiently and tax effectively. 

The difference we make: 

Together, our partners have raised over $10million USD to help vulnerable families facing food and medical shortages, frontline workers in need of protection and hundreds of small frontline charities facing unprecedented financial challenges. 

A global response to a global crisis

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Global support: The World Health Organisation Fund

This is the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the outbreak. Donate from your CAF Account, alternatively you can support them directly.

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40,000 euros raised in three days

Our partner in Bulgaria is supporting critically needed hospitals and social services across the country.

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In India...

Migrant workers’ lives have been critically impacted by the virus, with livelihoods, families and health at risk.

Find out how CAF India is getting help to those who need it most



What makes us different?  

As a charity, we understand the complex challenges of charitable giving.  We use our 90 years experience and deep knowledge of the financial regulatory environment to help other charities amplify their impact.

The difference we make: 

In these unprecedented times, hundreds of frontline charities are facing many challenges.  Working with local governments and international agencies, we are helping shape regulatory environments and providing emergency funding to ensure the survival of thousands of charities helping millions of people. 

Need help now?

CAF’s new £5m Coronavirus Emergency Fund gives smaller charities access to unrestricted funding.

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Access expert advice

CAF America is holding regular webinars and podcasts on charity and corporate responses to COVID-19.

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Secure emergency funding

CAF America is working with Global Alliance partners to provide resources to critical frontline organisations in the worst affected countries.

Support frontline charities around the world

Help make future giving count

IDIS, our Global Alliance partner in Brazil is working to positively shape tax reforms in Brazil to ensure future giving counts.

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