City Giving Day 2016 Q and A: Five minutes with Katie Ungless...

Katie Ungless, Corporate Client Manager, CAF

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Why is philanthropy important to you?
For me philanthropy is about action; taking responsibility for creating and maintaining the community and infrastructure we benefit from by being part of the City. We can sometimes take for granted all that we get from working in the heart of London but, as individuals, we need to  proactively give back and support the charities and organisations that make the City a great place to live and work.

Who/What inspires you to give?
Seeing the difference charities can  make to individuals lives – openings doors to possibilities that would not otherwise have been there. I have always been an advocate of The Big Issue, the concept of helping people to have the confidence and means to support themselves really resonates with me.

How does your organisation support you to give?
We have a GAYE scheme that CAF matches on a monthly basis. I don’t personally donate to a specific cause but have a charity account that the money goes into every month. This means I’m able to support multiple causes and make ad hoc donations in response to appeals and sponsorship.

Why is giving important in the City? What are the key trends you have seen emerging?
One things I’m seeing a lot of with the clients I look after, is a much more strategic approach to CSR and charitable giving. It’s no longer about writing a blank cheque but thinking more about the causes that are meaningful to the corporate themselves and the individuals who work for them. The more thought that goes in why you are giving, the more impact people will see and the more impactful and mutually beneficial relationships develop.

If you were given £1m to donate, what difference would you like to make?
My motivation is around giving people access, there are some fantastic causes out there opening previously closed doors into higher education, the Arts and the corporate world. I am a trustee at Eastside Educational Trust, who are doing some fantastic work around engaging young people from different backgrounds into the arts.

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