City Giving Day 2016 Q and A: Five minutes with David Stead

David Stead, Director of Philanthropy, CAF

David Stead

Why is philanthropy important to you?
Well it is absolutely central to our work with clients at CAF and the reason I joined in the first place. It is critical as there are many longstanding and difficult issues in society in the UK and around the world which require private sector funding, skills and innovation. The increasing income gap for UK charities, especially the smaller ones, can only really be filled from private and corporate donors.  

Who/What inspires you to give?
I am very lucky in that I meet so many generous people every week. Their personal stories of how they came to support a particular cause are always inspiring. Knowing that the funds make a real difference is also a key motivator.  

How does your organisation support you to give?
CAF is very supportive and matches any payments I make from my gross salary through CAF Give As You Earn (our payroll giving system). I always use my volunteering day and was encouraged to take up my Trustee role for Wave Trust (a fantastic charity aimed at preventing the damaging cycles of abuse in the first 2-3 years of life – the most critical time).

Why is giving important in the City? What are the key trends you have seen emerging?
Well the City is a big, international and wealthy community and has a responsibility to do all it can to share its success with those suffering or in need. There are many trends and exciting changes which are making it easier for people to identify the right causes for them, give efficiently and see evidence of their impact. In the City, we are seeing the rise of female philanthropists, vibrant giving circles, the use of FinTech and crowdfunding, more social investment, and the integration of social and business strategy from the Board down.

If you were given £1m to donate, what difference would you like to make?
A nice problem to have! I would boost the front-end resources available to help prevent the abuse and neglect of very young children. The root cause of so many problems for our whole society.

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