CAF Connects Autumn 2014

In this edition of CAF Connects, our regular newsletter for corporates, we look at the latest research into giving by the FTSE 100 companies.

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Corporate giving rises by £1.2bn

Our report - 'Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100' - gives unique insights into the corporate social responsibility market, what’s changed in the last six years and what the public think about it all.

Corporate giving almost doubles

The good news is the amount donated to charity by FTSE 100 companies - including cash, in-kind donations and the value of volunteered hours - has almost doubled, rising by £1.2bn since 2007. This equated to an average of 0.7% of pre-tax profits in 2012 – impressive, considering the difficult economic factors in play during that time.

Public unaware

But the other side of the research, which examined the public's awareness, painted a potentially concerning picture. Companies may be doing a lot for charities, increasing support year on year, but they need to do more to communicate this effort effectively to the wider world.

When asked how many FTSE 100 companies make donations to charity every year, the average guess was just over a third. The reality is quite different. Nearly all of the FTSE 100 companies (98%) reported giving every year, and in 2012 all 100 reported making a donation.

Sector awareness

Public perceptions about which sectors are doing the most for charity are misplaced. When asked to choose the most generous sectors, consumer services and consumer goods were by far the most popular, possibly due to the higher brand profile enjoyed by these consumer-facing companies. But these industries are in fact fifth and sixth when it comes to total donations.

Which industry do you think topped our FTSE 100 giving table?

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