CAF Connects Spring 2015

In this edition of CAF Connects, our regular newsletter for corporates, we chat with Corporate Client Manager Lucy Mantella, talk about how a corporate foundation could help your company define its social value and take a look at how people give in this year's UK Giving report.

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Designing social value in business

Corporate foundations are on the rise; there are over 140 in the UK alone. Businesses across all industries from retail and resources to professional and financial services are getting in on the act.

What is a Corporate Foundation?

There is no one size fits all model  for setting up a corporate foundation as they all have different strategic approaches and structures. A foundation can be an independent entity, integrated within a business, or a hybrid of both.  Funding  can range from company annual budgets to endowments. But the one thing  all corporate foundations have in common, which underpins their establishment,  is a desire to maximise their impact for society and business.

Why set up a Corporate Foundation?

A foundation offers the opportunity to create a brand-aligned identity which can help a business focus its social purpose.  It can enhance the business’ reputation, attract new partners and business opportunities and generate fresh insights through research into social  needs. It  also offers a clear governance for corporate responsibility programmes and  opportunities for staff development. 
A foundation enables a business to achieve greater social impact and creates a space and platform for social innovation.

Setting up a Foundation

Our expert perspective on responsible business and charity gives us a unique outlook when helping our corporate clients establish a foundation. In recent months our team had worked with clients to help them:

  • Focus their foundation strategy  aligning business and social purpose.
  • Clarify their social aim and review the latest evidence on where and how our clients can make a difference.
  • Provide trusted guidance on governance and funding choices.
  • Find the most suitable tax effective financial vehicle to deliver their foundation from our CAF Company Account to our social investment fund CAF Venturesome.   

Our clients trust us to help them  achieve the greatest impact for society and for their business.

Find out more about Corporate Foundations and read how we helped one such client deliver social value with their own foundation.

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What our clients say:

“As part of our 250th year celebrations, we wanted to consolidate the support Brewin Dolphin has given to charitable causes around the country.

With CAF’s support and advice we've established a Foundation that demonstrates our national commitment to the wider community and helps engage our employees across the business.

By working with CAF, we were able to take a flexible approach and identify the best structure, governance and focus to build on our heritage and match our organisation's ethos. We're continuing to work with CAF to develop key initiatives to ensure the Foundation is successful, forward-thinking and relevant.”

Rosie Richardson-Aitken, Marketing Manager, Brewin Dolphin

How we helped Brewin Dolphin