CAF Connects Spring 2015

In this edition of CAF Connects, our regular newsletter for corporates, we chat with Corporate Client Manager Lucy Mantella, talk about how a corporate foundation could help your company define its social value and take a look at how people give in this year's UK Giving report.

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The important questions answered on UK Giving

UK Giving is our annual research project looking at charitable behaviour across the UK –The report looks at who gets involved with charities and social action; whether donating directly, volunteering or supporting someone through sponsorship.

UK Giving 2014 reiterated a few things we already knew, as well as highlighting a few things we didn’t about how the nation has been giving over the last 12 months. Here are five of the key outcomes:

We’ve given an estimated £10.6bn to good causes in 2014 – that’s an average of £14 per person every month. Interestingly, people give just £10 on average through sponsorship; significantly less than when giving directly to a charity.

Men give less than women – just under half (48%) fail to get involved with a cause in a typical month, and men do less across all types of giving including volunteering, donating and sponsorship. Those aged 16 – 24 are also much less likely to be involved with supporting good causes.

Poorer people give more of their income away –  those earning under £9,500 gave away an estimated 4% of their income last year, compared to those with an income over £25,000, who gave 1% to good causes.

Donations to overseas causes rose in 2014 – whilst people still give the most to medical research causes, children and young people, and hospitals; the number of donations to charities overseas saw an uplift this year. This is most likely due to support for the high profile Ebola appeal launched last year by the Disasters Emergency Committee. Those with higher incomes are more likely to give to overseas charities.

Cash is the most popular way to give – 55% of people donate money by giving cash, by far the most popular method, followed by direct debit at 27%. Payroll giving is a lot further down the scale, currently just 2% of people are giving in this way.

Download the report 'UK Giving 2014' to see the full study of giving across the UK.

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