How the UK gave in 2015 - opportunities for your CSR aims

The 2015 UK Giving report tells how individual giving to charity presents four clear opportunities for corporates to boost their efforts to drive social change.

1. Two in three people have given to charity in the last year, two in five have given in the last month

Boost employee giving with CAF Give As You Earn

Looking at how people give, 2% of participants in the study reported having given to charity through Payroll Giving whilst 55% reported giving cash.

Your employees can give easily and tax effectively by using CAF Give As You Earn – assured that their donation is getting to the cause that they are passionate about. And that the charity gets more!

With our recent updates, making CAF Give As You Earn available online, you and your employees can manage their giving in a much simpler way. Why not run a promotion in your workplace? We’ve created some useful resources to help you with this.

2. In the last year one in eight people have volunteered

Create, promote and celebrate volunteering opportunities available to your employees

  • Three fifths of employees (59%) rated being offered more paid volunteering leave as important in encouraging them to volunteer more
  • Over one in five don’t know if their employer offers volunteering

This is a great opportunity for you to shout about volunteering opportunities available to your employees. Benefits from inspiring employees to donate their time can result in:

  • Upskilled employees
  • Improved community links
  • Improved employee morale
  • Being able to attract and retain talent

 3. Children and young people was the most popular cause to give money to, with 30% choosing this cause. Medical research was second with 29%.

Involve your employees to help you choose your charity partnership

We’ve previously shared with you the true value of Charity Partnerships – a charity partnership is “Collaboration between a business and a charity who share a passion and commitment to sustainable social change.”

You can boost your social impact by working with a charity partner that your employees feel passionately about.

4. Giving peaks after DEC Nepal Earthquake appeal launched

Demonstrate your impact in the wake of a disaster

  • 18% of individuals made charitable donations to overseas aid/disaster relief charities
  • In May 2015 there was a dramatic spike in those donating to overseas aid/disaster relief charities (29%)
  • Giving appears to be based on events rather than specific month driven

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Find out who gives to good causes, how people give and which charities are most likely to receive support.

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