CAF corporate Charitable Trust

Simplify long-term giving
and get your capital

A charitable trust is one of the best ways to be sure that your company's assets are doing long-term good. A CAF Charitable Trust avoids the hassle normally involved in setting up a trust, with the added advantage of our knowledge and expertise.

Among the many benefits that a CAF Charitable Trust can bring:

  • There's no need to appoint trustees, as the trust is incoporated under CAF. You just appoint a single trust manager to oversee day-to-day administration
  • There are no legal fees, and set-up fees are very small
  • We set it up in a matter of days
  • It's tax efficient
  • The trust is a separate legal entity to your company
  • You can donate to mutiple charities both in the UK and internationally
  • You can fund the trust through multiple sources, including corporate funds, stocks, shares or property
  • You have access to our client advisory team, who can give you all the benefits of our experience and expertise when it comes to choosing charities, discussing investment options and keeping track of the difference your money is making.

You'll need at least £50,000 to get the trust started; this can be split between investment and capital for donations. You can also top the trust up at any time.

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