The fee structure on a CAF Company Account is split in two: 

We deduct a contribution from each donation into a CAF Company Account to support our work and grant making activities. The contribution is taken when funds are deposited in line with the bands outlined in our CAF Company Account and Service Fee Schedule.

Please note that this contribution includes your account fees which are inclusive of VAT.

If during the CAF financial year (1 May to 30 April), no payments have been made into the CAF Company Account (or if cumulative payments have not met the minimum threshold necessary to generate the minimum CAF contribution of £300) the £300 minimum CAF contribution (or the outstanding amount if some contributions have been paid) will be deducted from the CAF Company Account at the end of the CAF financial year. 


CAF contributions will not be taken from CAF Company Accounts that are:

  • solely used to hold funds relating to fees and/or matching payments for CAF services
  • solely funded by transfers from another CAF Company Account held by your organisation

CAF contributions are based on the value of payments into the CAF Company Account during the CAF financial year.

Please note: The bands for the CAF Company Account contributions are indexed annually on 1 May according to the Retail Prices Index.


If you have any questions about these contributions and fees please contact our Customer Service team on 03000 123 000 or email


CAF reserves the right to levy a fee for payments to non-UK charities (in addition to the bank charges specified above) in certain circumstances e.g. a high volume of payments to non-UK charities. This fee would be agreed with your organisation in advance of any payments being made.

For more information on fees for payments to non-UK charities please contact our Customer Service team on 03000 123 000.