We are proud to be a partner of the FT's annual Women at the Top summit on gender equality in business. The summit will be held in London on 17 October, at The Landmark Hotel.  This year’s theme is Money and Power.

Hear leaders share their stories of success and setbacks, learn from honest discussion about the obstacles stalling further progress, and take part in forward-looking, action-focused debate with the women and men driving change.

The world is run by those with the most money and power, who for centuries have shaped hierarchies, cultural norms and the structure of how people live and work.  Today, despite significant efforts from government and business to shift a greater share of money and power to women, this imbalance persists.  The number of women at the top of FTSE 350 and S&P 500 companies has dropped in the last year, while the gender pay gap, investment gap and pensions gap all remain. Enforced transparency and societal pressure has brought hidden power inequalities to light and helped drive progress, but to achieve further meaningful change, business and policy leaders must show commitment to more action.



  • Join the vanguard of those driving progress and participate in cutting edge debate on gender diversity. Show your commitment to making work and home life fairer for women and men.
  • Listen to successful leaders talk about their journey to the top, with honesty about setbacks and what they have learnt about leadership.
  • Hear the top excuses companies give for not appointing women leaders, about the tech tools making work fairer, and how to lead diverse teams.
    Learn how to pitch an idea, bounce back from career hurdles, and avoid costly financial mistakes in order to make the most of your money.
  • Understand why a fairer work culture benefits everyone, and why it’s good for business. Hear from and network with advocates of best practice on pay gap transparency, shared parental leave, flexible working, role models, and more.
  • Learn about the changes you need to make now to attract and retain younger employees, for whom diversity is an essential attribute of a progressive employer.
  • Find out what you can do to take action and pick up practical tips to help you drive progress and lead by example.


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