We’ve partnered with the Crowd because their objectives complement ours.

The Crowd aims to create an inspiring environment where big business, advisors and NGOs can share their thinking around the solutions for market failures, that if corrected could deliver benefits to business and society.


Steve Howard on Transformational Change

Steve Howard joined IKEA as Chief Sustainability Officer in 2011. Since then IKEA has undergone one of the fastest sustainability transformations of recent years.

Nick Grono on Modern Slavery

New data is shining a light on the alarming levels of modern slavery in business today. Nick Grono, CEO of the Freedom Fund, began the event discussing why we should act on slavery.

Antony Jenkins on Digital Society

Former Barclays CEO, Antony Jenkins, asks where technology is taking us as transformative digital technologies are reshaping business and society.


Has the era of GDP as the measure of progress ended

We discuss how the issues of the 21st century demand new economic frameworks and how philanthropy fits into the Doughnut model.

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Creating a culture of purpose with your people

We discuss the difference between creating a culture of purpose for employees and with them, and how to proceed with the latter.

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8 steps towards localism

The increasing cultural shift towards localism and how businesses can build a stronger connection within the communities they operate in is explored.

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What do we mean by collaboration?

Following The Crowd event, Laura shares her discussion with executives from corporate and third sector on collaborative transformation.

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