In an increasingly connected and globalised world, the role, influence and, by consequence, responsibility, of business towards addressing societal and environmental goals is unquestionable.

From Blackrock’s annual CEO letter to the movement embodied by Greta Thunberg. We have seen a meteoric shift in expectation and urgency for corporate responsibility which is uniting the world’s largest institutional investors with school children in a call for greater action.

Despite this, industry research on corporate responsibility (CR) has often tracked a narrow set of trends within sustainability, community investment or general business and strategy. We recognise the need to approach the responsible business agenda more holistically and understand the role that businesses and CR professionals see for themselves within society.

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Our research programme is focussed on investigating and increasing understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy.  We provide free research and analysis helping to influence the decisions of charities, companies, donors, policy-makers, researchers and journalists worldwide.

Among the trends our dedicated research team explore are the changing finances of charities, patterns of individual giving, use of Gift Aid and other tax-effective giving methods, corporate social responsibility strategies, and trends in philanthropy.  We have an extensive list of publications covering a broad range of topics across the charitable sector.


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What Makes a Responsible Business?

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