2017 marks 30 years since we pioneered Payroll Giving

Over the last 30 years hundreds of thousands of employees have collectively given over £1.3billion to the charities of their choice through CAF Give As You EarnWe’ll let them tell you more about it.

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Taylor, a Delivery Resolutions Specialist at ASOS, has a very personal motivation behind his Payroll Giving.

 “Two years ago I lost my mum to cancer. I saw the help she got from so many good causes and want to make sure others get the same. Without donations, I wouldn’t have had as much time with my mum as I did. That was possible because people before me gave to these charities, so now it’s my turn.”

At just 21 years old, Taylor currently gives to 14 different causes through his Payroll Giving, but is especially passionate about giving to children’s cancer causes:

“My mum was a grown up when she went through treatment. Seeing what she went through, I wanted to help young people going through the same thing as it must be so frightening and confusing.”


Watch the video to see the impact Wendy's payroll donations had.

After Wendy’s children were born, she wanted to start giving back to vulnerable kids less fortunate than hers through Payroll Giving. Now, after more than 10 years of giving, Wendy finds out first hand where her monthly donations have been going.

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Lauren is Corporate Social Responsibility Lead for TalkTalk Group.

Lauren lives and breathes all things charity, whether that’s the organisation’s official charity partnerships, fundraising, volunteering – or Payroll Giving.

“I see payroll giving as an opportunity for us as an organisation to support what matters most to our people. It’s really important for us to enable our employees to donate to a wide range of charities.”

Lauren sees payroll giving as a key employee benefit too:

“Payroll Giving is a unique way to show employees – and potential employees – why TalkTalk is a great place to work. It shows we’re thinking about what’s important to them. Plus it can really help you understand your workforce by gaining insight into who they give to.”

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Payroll giver from GAP

“I started contributing £5 a month to Mencap which seemed a small amount for me to be able to give monthly but would add up over time and support the charity.”

Payroll giver from Tesco

"I'm part of this wonderful scheme! I give to a charity that supports people that suffer from MS as unfortunately my granny had it. I give through payroll as it's just so handy."

Payroll giver from Arriva

“My money goes to Sierra Leone, for children under five, and the great thing about Payroll Giving is I can make that choice. I’d recommend Payroll Giving to my colleagues”