1 Planning

Engage key people in your business, set your objectives and plan your activity.

2 Promotion

Launch your scheme with a bang and follow up with regular promotions to achieve the best sign-up rate.

3 Processing

Give your payroll and finance departments the guidance they need to make CAF Give As You Earn work and ensure the money your employees donate reaches their charities as efficiently as possible.

Download our Employer Guide for more information and tips on managing your Give As You Earn scheme.

Other essentials

Donor Instruction Form
This form should be filled in by your employees to instruct your payroll and our processing department about their charitable giving wishes. It can be used by both new donors and existing donors who want to amend their instructions.

Employee information
All the information your employees will need to sign up for CAF Give As You Earn.

Electronic Donor Analysis 
Use this template if you want to submit your Donor Analysis to us electronically each payroll period.

Making the most of your CAF Give As You Earn scheme
Find out how you can develop your scheme to deliver the greatest benefit for your organisation, your employees and the charities they support.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact a member of our Customer Service team on 03000 123 000 or email giveasyouearn@cafonline.org