How to submit your Electronic Donor Analysis

The Electronic Donor Analysis (EDA) is the best way to submit your payroll giving information to us. It’s simple and it means you avoid the 25p minimum fee per donation.

How does it work?

You can download an Excel spreadsheet with the correct layout template. All you need to do is upload your data into the file, encrypt it and email it back to us.

If you have any queries about encryption, please contact us on 03000 123 000.

  A B C D E
1 Contract no. CYO12345      
2 Payroll code 1      
3 Deduction date 31/03/2006      
5 Employee name Staff no. Employee donation Matching donation (optional)

NI no.

6 SMITH AB MR 00012345 15.00 3.00 WM123456A
7 JONES CD MRS 00045678 75.00 15.00 YR234567B
8 BROWN W 00092174 20.00    NA439825C
9   Total 110.00 18.00  

Submitting your donations via Electronic Donor Analysis (EDA) ensures fast, accurate and efficient processing. Not only does your company benefit but so do your employees' nominated charities.

Our easy-to-follow guide has detailed explanations of the data fields and how they should be formatted. No paper, no hassle, and all done in next to no time.

Why not download our example spreadsheet and have a go at filling in the data? Email it to us, putting 'test' in the subject field, and we'll let you know if it's correct.