Donor Analysis Report

CAF requires your organisation to provide us with a Donor Analysis Report (DAR) for each payroll period. This report is a record of your employees’ donations for that period. It should match the deductions from employees’ salaries made by your payroll department and the money submitted to CAF for that payroll period (see below).

To help us process your donations as efficiently and quickly as possible, we request that you provide this report to us as an Excel spreadsheet using the set format below:

Your CAF Give As You Earn contract number  
Your payroll code (if applicable)  
Deduction Date* The date this money was deducted from your employees' salary dd/mm/yy


Employee names* Staff/NI number*

Please ensure you include a uniqueID for each employee which matches that provided on the DIF so we can match up your list with our system.

Employee donation* Matching donation (if applicable)
Bobby Smith 12345 10 5
Sarah Jones 67891 20 10
Jo Bloggs 23456 30 15
Total   60 30


Download an Excel template Donor Analysis Report

If you are submitting your Donor Analysis Report using the CAF Excel template please email it to

If you are unable to submit your Donor Analysis Reports as an Excel spreadsheet, we can accept them in other formats - please submit these to

If you are unable to email your report, you can submit the Donor Analysis Report by post to:

CAF Give As You Earn,
Charities Aid Foundation,
25 Kings Hill Avenue,
West Malling,
Kent ME19 4TA

Donor Analysis Reports must be submitted by the last working day of the calendar month in which the deduction was made.

Please note: It is an HMRC requirement that your organisation submits a Donor Analysis Report every payroll period, even if there are no changes to the number of donors or amount they are giving. If we do not receive your Donor Analysis Report and/or funds we will be unable to process your employee’s donations to charity and you will delay charities receiving funds they may be depending on.