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When a disaster occurs, be ready to support your employees to make donations to disaster relief charities. Use this resource hub to help communicate messages and support donations.

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Many employees can be affected by a disaster's impact. Encouraging and supporting your employees to give when disasters occur reflects your commitment to what matters to your workforce as well as driving support for the disaster at a company level. 

CAF Give As You Earn is a simple way to help your employees make one-off or regular donations to charities supporting disaster relief and recovery. 

  • Access campaign support materials to help you promote giving when disasters occur.
  • Contact our Corporate Client team to get advice on how to grow your scheme.  

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Rescue workers 578x467Untitled design
Rescue workers 578x467Untitled design


Download A4 colour poster

  • Use this poster to communicate messages to your staff
  • Simply download the Microsoft Word file, save it to your computer and open the file
  • Add your logo and any other messages you'd like to share with employees


Download sample text

  • Use our sample text to communicate to your employees. Simply copy and paste and make them your own

Download e-signature banner

  • Add your logo to personalise


Download social banner image

  • Use this image in your internal communications or in your social media channels
  • Add your logo to personalise


Inspire employees with Wendy's payroll giving story

You can share any of our payroll giving videos to help inspire your employees to give more or sign up to your CAF Give As You Earn scheme.

To share the video you can:

  • Share on your internal communications platform by simply copying and pasting the URL:
  • Embed the video on your internal communications platform by copying and pasting this link into your html editor: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  • Request the original video file by contacting us


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