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You’re bound to have some questions about your new CAF Give As You Earn Payroll Donor Report Service. Here we’ve answered the most frequently asked.

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  • What is the CAF Give As You Earn Payroll Giving Donor report service?

    The CAF Give As You Earn Payroll Giving Donor report service is designed to make uploading and submitting your company’s payroll giving donor reports quick, easy and secure.

  • Is it secure?

    Protecting your employees’ data is our priority. We use the latest online security measures to make sure that your employees’ personal information, money and privacy remain safe.  This includes a formal Privacy Impact Assessment in line with GDPR best practice.

  • Does the service cost us anything to use?

    There is no additional cost to move to the online Payroll Donor Report Service and we provide the full implementation free of charge. CAF Give As You Earn administration fees continue to apply as usual.

  • How can we access the service?

    If you haven't already registered to manage your CAF Give As You Earn account online, you’ll need to sign up here. Once you are set up online, please follow the three steps below:

    Step 1:

    Login to your Give As You Earn dashboard

    Step 2:

    Click on the new tab 'Payroll Giving Donor Report'.

    Step 3:

    Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to upload your donor reports

  • What information is mandatory?

    Each row on your report should include:

    • a first name
    • a surname
    • a NI number
    • a donation amount
  • Why do we need to provide the NI number?

    The NI number is a nationally accepted unique identifier for individuals. It is also in a standard format which we can quickly verify. This is important as it helps customer services if they need to contact you with any queries or need to respond to problems or complaints.

  • Can we continue to submit payroll donor reports directly to you?

    There is no need to send your report as this online service replaces the need. Once you’re registered, you can use the CAF Give As You Earn Payroll Giving Donor report service to submit your donor reports.

  • How many users can have access to the service?

    During the initial registration process for the online Give As You Earn service, you can add up to four users with access to the online portal. When you submit your donor reports, we’ll send a confirmation to these addresses.

  • I’m not receiving regular emails about my new service, what can I do?

    There’s a small risk of emails being marked as SPAM, so please ask your IT department to allow emails from noreply@cafgiveasyouearn.org.

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know by emailing enquiries@cafonline.org, quoting your 11-digit CAF Give As You Earn contract number.


  • What are the upload settings?

    These map the columns in your donor report to the columns the service uses. If you have more than one payroll, you can create different upload settings if you need to.

    The first time you load a donor report, we’ll guide you through these settings.

  • How long will it take to upload a payroll donor report?

    Uploading a donor report for the first time may take a little longer, but as long as your files are correctly formatted, it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes.

  • Can we amend/change a submitted payroll donor report?

    Yes. Once you’ve submitted a donor report, you have 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to amend it as many times as you need. Simply log in, delete the old report and upload a new one.

    Once 24 hours has passed, the report cannot be amended or changed.

  • What if my uploaded report shows an error message?

    If your donor report’s file format is invalid, or there’s something wrong with the data in the file, you’ll see an error message indicating where the error(s) were found. You’ll also be given an option to download the error report.

    Once you’ve corrected the errors, simply re-upload the file.

  • Which file formats can we use?

    We accept .csv, .xls or .xlsx files.

  • Can we change our upload settings?

    Yes, it’s possible to change these settings at any time.

  • What is the ‘Number of Donors’ field?

    We’ll check the number of donors in your file against the number you enter into this field, so please ensure that they match. You should remove any donors who have made a ‘zero’ donation, otherwise the report will be rejected.

  • What is the ‘Employee Pay Date’ field?

    If you’re submitting a regular payment, check that it matches the relevant payroll tax month or week. You won’t be able to choose a date which is more than two years in the past, or is beyond the current tax period.

  • How can I include one-off additional donations or ad-hoc donations from new donors?

    Simply upload a separate report in the same way as your monthly donor report and check the ‘Supplementary report’ box shown below.

    Tick box

  • Do we need to create new upload settings every time we submit a payroll report?

    No, once you’ve confirmed your upload settings, they’re automatically saved.

  • What if we run a Payroll Giving matching scheme?

    If you use our Payroll Giving matching scheme, check that you’ve recorded the matching against each donation amount in the donor report before you submit it.

  • Can we view our uploaded reports online?

    You can view the payroll name, upload date, employee pay date and total donors on the History page.

  • How will we know that our report has uploaded successfully?

    We’ll keep you updated by sending you an email:

    • once your donor report has been successfully submitted.
    • after the 24 hour grace period, confirming that your donor report is being processed.
    • once we’ve received your employees’ donations, and payments have been made to their chosen charities.


  • Do we need to review our terms and conditions?

    The existing terms and conditions, under which your CAF Give As You Earn account was opened, cover this new service.

  • How secure is our data?

    The service has been designed with data security in mind and complies with GDPR, including a formal Privacy Impact Assessment. For more information, please read our Data Protection Policy Statement.

  • What happens if we submit our employees donations late?

    We can’t disburse donations to your employees’ chosen charities until you’ve submitted the employees donations. Please help charities to plan effectively by submitting your donor funds on time.

  • Has the service undergone a Privacy Impact Assessment?


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