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As a charity, we keep our fees to a minimum. The actual amount varies by the type of donation, as listed below.

Some employers choose to pay these on behalf of their employees, otherwise they will be deducted from the donation. Any fees, matching payments or other costs associated with running the scheme that are paid by the employer can be offset against profits, thereby reducing corporation tax.

Direct donations

The standard fee is 4% (capped at a maximum of £10 per donor per pay period). There is a minimum fee of 25p per donor per pay period which is waived if the employer uses our prescribed electronic donor analysis format.

CAF Charity Account

We deduct a small contribution each time an employee deposits funds into their CAF Charity Account over the course of the year.

Please note: The bands for the CAF Give As You Earn Charity Account fee contributions are indexed annually on 1 May according to the Retail Prices Index.

CAF Charitable Trust

Any fees relating to an employee’s CAF Charitable Trust are applied directly to the CAF Charitable Trust and cannot be covered by the employer.

CAF Staff Charity Fund

We deduct a fee (not subject to VAT) of 1% of the value of employee donations made into the CAF Staff Charity Fund. You can opt to pay this fee on behalf of your employees by indicating this on the CAF Staff Charity Fund application form.


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