CAF Give As You Earn currently enables over 250,000 employees to make a difference through the workplace and donate to any of their favoured charities in an easy, secure and flexible way

And because the chosen donation amount gets deducted from employees' salaries or pensions before tax, making it a tax-efficient way of giving, it actually costs employees less to give more.

We partner with some of the leading benefits providers who offer CAF Give As You Earn on their platforms.


Your employees can opt to have their own online Charity Account where their donated funds from their gross pay gets can accumulate, before they donate the funds to their favoured charities.

They can set up a standing order if they prefer to regularly support a favoured cause, or alternatively make ad hoc payments.

If you’re already using a flexible benefits provider and the Charity Account model is of interest, you can speak to your provider about migrating, or email us at

CAF Give As You Earn

For employers

Workplace giving with the charity account

Download our sales aid to find out more about how Give As You Earn works on a flexible benefits platform and the benefits of using the Charity Account.

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Preferred by charities

It's a sustainable and reliable income stream for charities, because it’s taken from employees' pre-tax salaries, there is no need for charities to claim Gift Aid, reducing their administration.


Charities get more for every pound, depending on each individual employee’s earnings, salary tax rate and amount donated. It could also have an effect on the amount of tax paid by employees.


The flexibility of the Charity Account means that your employees can either set up a regular standing order to their favoured causes, or accumulate funds to support a specific appeal or disaster response.

Increases engagement

Employees can engage with friends and sponsor colleagues by making offline donations from their accounts – this then generates an email to the fundraiser to let them know.

Ring-fenced donation funds

A simple way to ring-fence funds if employees want to donate to multiple charities or are unsure of which charities they want to support. The funds can remain in the account for however long they wish and take their time to decide how to best disburse it.

Inspiring a thriving workplace culture

With the Charity Account, your employees can inspire each other to start fundraising or set themselves a challenge. It can help to foster a thriving workplace culture of compassion, doing good and accountability.

Supports financial wellbeing

Monthly donations go straight into one account, providing full visibility and control of the funds. It's easy to support sponsorship requests from colleagues, using their accumulated funds and keep track of their spend.


easyJet video

Employees at EasyJet talk about their experiences with CAF Give As You Earn, which is part of their flexible benefits.

Wellcome Trust video

Employees at The Wellcome Trust talk about their experiences with CAF Give As You Earn, which is part of their flexible benefits.


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