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Generous employees like yours have donated more than £1.3 billion to charity direct from their pay through CAF Give As You Earn, which was first launched in 1987.

We want to help you launch your CAF Give As You Earn scheme to enable as many of your employees to give to the causes they are most passionate about. We provide you with ideas and links to resources that will support you in growing your payroll giving scheme.

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Set your goals

Having clear objectives will help you to share the vision for your scheme across the business, guide the decisions you will need to make during promotion and processing and set targets against which to measure your success.

Consult your employees

The success of your scheme relies on employee engagement so it’s important to involve employees from the start; encourage their honest feedback so you can incorporate it into any activities. This can be done via an online survey, committee or focus group.

Form your action plan

Create a plan of how you will communicate the scheme to employees and sustain interest for the long term. Engaging them quarterly with messaging about the benefits, celebrating donations that have been made and defining roles and responsibilities is key.


Once you’ve done your planning, it's time to launch CAF Give As You Earn and start signing up donors. A promotion can be anything from a poster on the wall to creating a competition between your company's office locations based on the percentage of employees signing up to CAF Give As You Earn.

Along with the following recommendations, an important approach is to remain consistant. The main difference between CAF Give As You Earn programmes that expand and grow, and ones that just ‘tick along’, is that the most successful programmes are promoted regularly with new and engaging messages being created at least every 6 months.

Develop marketing materials

The most successful schemes are supported by marketing materials such as posters, postcards, flyers, intranet information and resources and messages on employee payslips. They should:

1. Promote the scheme in a way that supports your brand messages internally and externally.

2. Show support from your CEO, MD and senior executives. They could also show support by attending a launch event alongside charity partners and local charities to encourage employee donations.

3. Ensure that it is easy to find information about CAF Give As You Earn.

4. Link CAF Give As You Earn to other employee benefits within the platform.
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Incentivise your scheme

Incentives can have a positive impact on your internal campaigns. The two most common long-term incentives for a scheme of this type are:

Payment of the CAF Give As You Earn administration fee

Many employers pay the admin fee on behalf of their employees. This sends the positive message that you are ensuring 100% of their donation goes to their charitable cause.


If an employer matches employee donations (in full, or up to a certain amount), this can effectively double the amount that goes to charity.

If longer-term incentives are not appropriate, you could run a free prize draw where the prize is a one-off donation to an employee’s charity of choice. Alternatively, you could create a short “matching window” where the company matches employee donations within a set time frame.

Get recognised with the Payroll Giving Quality Mark (PGQM)   

Celebrate and grow your Payroll Giving achievements with pride through a Payroll Giving Quality Mark. By offering Payroll Giving, your organisation automatically qualifies for the Government funded Payroll Giving Quality Mark.

If you successfully promote your scheme and achieve an employee sign-up rate of 1% or higher, you can upgrade to a Bronze, Silver, Gold or even Platinum award.



Encouraging employee donations can make a real difference to charities. We want to support you to make your Payroll Giving scheme the best it can be.

To get you started, we have created a range of digital toolkits which are ready to use and can be branded to your organisation. We also encourage you to engage with your internal communications, marketing and PR teams to really help you promote Payroll Giving internally.

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