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Congratulations to all our Payroll Giving Quality Mark 2017 winners. We are proud to announce this year's results!

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Well done to all our champions of Payroll Giving!

We’d like to congratulate all of you on your employee’s amazing Payroll Giving performance. We’re impressed with the display of fantastic achievements whilst we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Payroll Giving.

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Join us in celebrating this year's Payroll Giving Quality Mark winners.

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Don’t forget, now that you have received your Award logo via email, you are eligible to use the Award logo on all of your company literature. We’d love it if you could tweet photos of your certificates in pride of place or your teams celebrating their performance using #PayrollGivingat30.

Clients will be posted their certificates as soon as possible. We’re sending the certificates out later than planned as we’ve been asked to change the signatory following recent ministerial changes in the cabinet after the general election. As soon as we have received the new official signature, we will update the certificates and post them. Thank you to all of our clients for their understanding and patience in this matter.

We’re happy to celebrate all Payroll Giving achievements during the 30th Anniversary year and that includes your efforts and results, so make sure you use your logo and certificate to get the maximum promotion and publicity for your employees’ results. And finally, we’re delighted to share the good news that a new Diamond category will be available from 2018.


Make some noise about your Quality Mark

The Payroll Giving Quality Mark is a government-backed accreditation which rewards companies offering Payroll Giving with a Quality Mark which they can celebrate and use to promote their achievements. Organisations of all sizes, whose employees donate to charity through Payroll Giving are recognised with either a Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level Quality Mark (see the criteria below).

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We’re proud to be able to deliver the Payroll Giving Quality Mark to our clients. 

The Payroll Giving Quality Mark is a great way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to Payroll Giving and corporate social responsibility. It is also an opportunity to celebrate and shout about the fantastic charitable generosity of your employees.

Once you are awarded a Quality Mark, you will receive a certificate and a copy of the recognised logo which you can use on your website, letterheads and other corporate literature to promote your achievement to staff, clients, customers and other important stakeholders.


If you run a CAF Give As You Earn scheme, you can apply for the Payroll Giving Quality Mark. We notify you of the process in early April, and where applicable, send you a short electronic survey link to complete.


You qualify for the standard Payroll Giving Quality Mark just by offering CAF Give As You Earn but, depending on how successful your scheme is, you may be able to achieve a higher level Award. Take a look below to see what you need to do to qualify:

  • How do I qualify for Bronze?
    Awarded to employers that achieve 1% or more employee participation in Payroll Giving.
  • How do I qualify for Silver?
    Awarded to employers that achieve 5% or more employee participation in Payroll Giving.
  • How do I qualify for Gold?
    Awarded to employers that achieve 10% or more employee participation in Payroll Giving and either pay the administration charges, match donations or actively promote Payroll Giving.
  • How do I qualify for Platinum?
    Open to organisations that have received a Gold or Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark in the previous year.

    Those organisations that were awarded the Gold Mark last year need to demonstrate that they have achieved at least 20% employee participation to be eligible for the Platinum award this year. Teams awarded the Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark in 2017 will have achieved an overall increase in the value of donations or the number of donors compared with the previous year.

    In addition, you will also need to demonstrate that your organisation has achieved one of the following activities in promoting Payroll Giving:

    • Actively encouraged pensioners (past employees) to continue to use Payroll Giving
    • Used volunteers or past employees to promote Payroll Giving to current staff
    • Provided evidence of an active promotion that encouraged clients and customers to use Payroll Giving
    • Introduced (and signed up) a minimum of five new employees to Payroll Giving (evidenced through relevant PGA)
    • Publicly demonstrated commitment to Payroll Giving through use of the Payroll Giving Quality Mark logos on letterhead, websites and other promotional materials
    • Demonstrated effective use of the induction and/or review process to introduce staff to Payroll Giving.
  • How do I qualify for Diamond? Available from 2018.

    Awarded to employers that achieve 30% or more employee participation in Payroll Giving.

    Find out more information.

Payroll Giving Quality Mark


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2016 Winners

A shout out and thanks go to all our clients who took part in the Payroll Giving Quality Mark 2016. Take a look at the 2016 winners.

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Since we launched the UK's first Payroll Giving scheme in 1987, we have continued to grow Payroll Giving through CAF Give As You Earn.

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