Payroll Giving Quality Mark 2016 commentary

The Payroll Giving Quality Mark celebrates the achievements of employers that have adopted and successfully promoted Payroll Giving schemes in their workplaces. The Quality Mark provides a benchmark of achievement, celebrating good practice and recognising employers who operate exceptional schemes which enable their employees to give to charity.

Highlights from the 2016 Quality Marks:

  • The number of awards grew by 12% to 445
  • Once again, organisations with less employees are achieving outstanding employee participation rates - nearly 60% of companies with less than 100 employees achieved Gold or above
  • 88% of organisations awarded in both 2015 and 2016 have maintained or increased their award level for 2016 – 10% increased their level from Gold to Platinum
  • The Investment Management sector performed exceptionally well – with 30% receiving a Platinum Award

Benchmark your success:

We’ve analysed all the awards granted this year and calculated an average percentage of employees donating by size of organisation and industry sector. 

Find out how you compare to your peers and set yourself a goal for 2017.

Average percentage of employees giving by size of organisation

Employee giving by number of employees - Table

Employee giving by number of employees - Chart

Percentage of employees giving by sector

Employee Giving by Sector

Next steps

These results are a great indication that the 2017 race will bring even more pole finishes and, whilst so many of you are already on the right track, the race is far from settled for next year. Start planning a promotion or if you haven't already done so, sign up to CAF Give As You Earn online and you could move up to pole position in 2017.

Applications for the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards 2016 have been extended until 6 Septemberapply now!

Please note, data information presented is correct as at 27 June 2016
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