1. For higher-rate taxpayers (40%), a pre-tax donation of £10 costs the donor only £6. For basic-rate (20%) taxpayers, a pre-tax donation of £10 costs the donor only £8.

2. Over one million payroll donors in the UK gave a combined £155 million to charity in 2012/13.

3. Fewer than 8,500 of the UK’s 4.8 million employers offer their staff the chance to take part in payroll giving.

4. One in three (31%) employees say that they would be likely to use payroll giving if it was offered to them by their employer. They could generate an extra £177,402,528 a year for charities.

5. The higher a person’s income, the more likely they are to use payroll giving. Those in the ‘highest 20%’ of earners were nine times more likely to be enrolled than those in the ‘lowest 20%’ of earners.

6. Payroll giving donors are most likely to be aged 30-49. Those aged either under 30 or over 65 are the least likely.

7. Since 2001, the proportion of men who claimed to be part of a payroll giving scheme has fallen from 5.3% to 3.4%. But they’re still doing better than woman – only 2.2% of women claim to be part of payroll giving.

8. Northern Ireland is the region with the highest penetration (8.3%) of payroll giving donors.

9. Nearly two thirds (63%) of children believe that all businesses should give money to charity.

10. Just nine out of 650 members of Parliament (MPs) currently donate to charity directly from their pay.

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