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Thank you for registering to take part in the CAF Give As You Earn BIG Promotion.

Below are some tips, advice and marketing materials to help you plan and run your CAF Give As You Earn BIG Promotion, and grow your scheme towards your chance to win £4,000 for the charity of your choice.

Planning your promotion

A promotion can be anything from a poster on the wall to a full promotional event, just make sure you plan a promotion which suits your employees and the budget and resources you have available.

When planning your promotion you should consider:

  • The location of your employees - will they see a poster on the office wall? Is it easy for them to access your Intranet?
  • The resources available - we know that for most people the promotion of payroll giving is not their full-time job, so consider which other internal teams could help support you e.g. Marketing, Communications or PR.
  • The time you have - to qualify for the BIG Promotion prize draw. You must complete your promotion by 30 September 2015. 

Your BIG Promotion toolkit

To get you started, we've created some BIG Promotion branded marketing materials for you to use. There are two messages so you can use the one you feel will best suit your employees:

Grow your donation this month

Plant a seed of giving

We have also produced a special Donor Instruction Form for the BIG Promotion. You need to use this form for all donors who sign-up or increase their donation. If you do not use this form your employees will not be eligible for the donor prize draw and will miss out on their chance to win £250 for the charity of their choice.

Full Terms and Conditions for the donor prize draw

Key dates

Your promotion must take place between 1 and 30 September 2015

All BIG Promotion Donor Instruction Forms must be returned to CAF by 19 October 2015.

All BIG Promotion donors (new and existing donors who have increased their donation) must be highlighted on your November Donor Analysis Report which must be submitted by 30 November 2015.

Entry criteria

Any organisation with a CAF Give As You Earn scheme is eligible to take part in the BIG Promotion.

To qualify for the  prize draw, organisations must get either 3% or 120* of their employees (which ever figure is lower) to sign-up as new CAF Give As You Earn donors, or if they are already donors, to increase the amount they donate (by a suggested minimum of £1). Employee donations must be made direct to charity or into a CAF Charity Account and cannot be paid into a CAF Staff Charity Fund.

All individuals who sign up to CAF Give As You Earn or increase their donation using the BIG Promotion Donor Instruction Form during the promotion month will automatically be entered into the individuals prize draw.

*3% is calculated from the number of employees in the organisation at the time of registration. If this figure is greater than 120 the organisation must get 120 new donors/increases in donation amount.

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