• To brand this guide, insert your company logo into the bottom left hand corner on the cover page– this is the page titled "YOUR FEEL GOOD FACTOR". We recommend using a .png or .jpeg file.
  • To print the guide please ensure your printer is set to print A3, landscape and full colour.
    Once printed:
  • Fold along the horizontal dotted line.
  • Place the sheet so it is the right way up. You should have these three pages facing you
    • Payroll giving is an easy and effective way for you to donate to charity 
    • Your pay day bonuses
    • The Charity's pay day bonuses
  • Fold the sheet into three along the vertical dotted fold lines. Fold the right hand page in first and then the left hand page so that the front cover is the one with your logo "YOUR FEEL GOOD FACTOR".
  • Your Employee Give As You Earn Guide should now be complete.

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