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Jana Potgieter
Growth & Engagement Manager
Charities Aid Foundation
T: +44 (0) 3000 123 241
E: corporate@cafonline.org
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The good and the bad news is that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to building culture. It will look different in every organisation, which makes the challenge unique and creates space to use innovative ways to define your culture.

A WeSpire study on the state of employee engagement in 2018 highlight strategy and communication as key considerations.

Employees will spend time on initiatives that they perceive as important. Demonstrate the importance of employee engagement programmes and make sure company leaders emphasise that participating in engagement initiatives is an integral part of company culture and not just a nice to have. Having a strategy matters.

Transparency and communication is essential for an engaged workforce. When creating employee engagement programmes, ask your employees about their interests and build programmes based on their ideas, opinion and feedback.

When putting together your strategy and communication, it is important to take a holistic look. Take into account physical and mental wellbeing, personal development, human connections to create opportunities for employees to contribute to the things they care about and speak to their purpose.

A simple way to bring more purpose to the workplace is to effectively drive your payroll giving scheme, find a charity partner, encourage employee fundraising or volunteering days or offer skills-based volunteering programmes.

At CAF, we can help with creating opportunities for employees to contribute to the things they care about.

Make the most of your CAF Give As You Earn scheme and learn the best way to promote Payroll Giving to your employees. Download our toolkit.


We enable thousands of employers to support their employees through payroll giving, to give to causes they care about with CAF Give As You Earn:

  • Easy to set up and use as an engagement tool
  • Donate to any UK charity and add or change donation amount at any time
  • Tax-effective so that even more money can go to charities

CAF Matching

Matched giving (also known as match funding) gives your employees the chance to boost their fundraising since you match the money they’ve raised:

  • A great way to show support for the causes close to your employees' hearts
  • Bespoke matching solution to suite your pocket and your programme
  • Boosts the perception of your company and appeal to prospective staff
  • Tax-effective and can be deducted from your organisation’s corporation tax

Staff Charity Fund

Bring employees together and combine their charitable efforts with a Staff Charity Fund. This can be used to pool employee donations in one pot in order for a more substantial donation to be made:

  • Unifies efforts for your chosen cause to engage employees
  • A great vehicle to link together different activities within your programmes
  • Support charity partners or use can be used for disaster and last hour appeals