What is a Professional Fundraising Organisation?

Could you use another pair of hands to engage your staff in CAF Give As You Earn? Are you new to the world of payroll giving and don’t know where to start? Then now could be the perfect time to consider using a Professional Fundraising Organisation (PFO).

Helping you go the extra mile

A PFO is an independent organisation that specialises in recruiting new donors for charities, and also help organisations go that extra mile with their payroll giving. They can assist you in a number of ways – they can help you run on-site promotions to your staff, report on the number of new donors and value of new donations, and help track uptake in payroll giving.

Using a PFO can be a great way to drum up interest amongst your employees for CAF Give As You Earn, whilst saving the business’ own resources. From inception to sign up, to sustaining employee involvement, PFOs specialise in engaging staff in creative and effective ways.

For a full list of Professional Fundraising Organisations, please visit the Association of Payroll Giving website.