Straightforward, tax-effective payroll giving

CAF Give As You Earn (CAF GAYE), is our flagship payroll giving solution which provides the infrastructure to allow employees to give effectively to charitable causes that matter to them. 

GAYE allows employees to give to any UK charity in a tax efficient way direct from their salary. Donations are deducted before tax is applied. This means recipient charities get more and it costs the donor less. 

Why employers choose CAF Give As You Earn?

CAF has been a Payroll Giving Agency since the scheme was launched in 1987. Over that time, businesses and their employees using CAF GAYE have donated over £1.6 billion to over 40,000 charities. Here's why we are the largest payroll giving agency in the UK:

Online with CAF Give As You Earn

It's simple to run

Employees can easily adjust donation amount and chosen charities at any time.


Reliable income

CAF Give As You Earn provides a long-term and regular income stream, helping charities to plan their expenditure.



We handle donations from over 2,000 employers and manage over £60m of employee donations to charities annually.

Other benefits of payroll giving

It doesn't cost you a penny, unless you wish to further support your employees by paying the fees on their behalf.

Plus, any matching payments or costs associated with running the scheme can also be offset against profits, thereby reducing your corporation tax.

Use data from payroll giving reports to better understand what employees care about.

Use payroll giving as a tool to drive corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Demonstrate your company's commitment to supporting staff, the community and wider stakeholders.

Achieve external recognition for charity contributions through Government-recognised quality marks

Structure your scheme to suit your business

We offer three different ways for employees to give through payroll giving:

Charity Account

Allows employees to accumulate donations and disburse them as they see fit. Employees can make ad-hoc donations or set up standing orders from their account.

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Direct to charity

Allows for employees to set up a donation to go straight to their favourite charity or charities.

Staff Charity Fund

Pool your employees’ payroll giving donations and make a substantial collective contribution to a charity.

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Inspire your employees

CAF GAYE, is an easy way to connect your employees with charities they would love to support. Wellcome Trust is one of many examples of inspiring greater giving in their organsiation. Visit our resource hub page to hear how other organisations have empowered their employees to give.

If you are a current GAYE client visit our resource hub for guidance on how to promote your scheme to your employees

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Need support running your scheme?

If you're a CAF GAYE client in need of technical support, visit our resource hub that will answer all your queries or contact our team.

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