International corporate giving

Developing a global corporate responsibility programme requires specialist knowledge to determine how your company can best make an impact in your key markets. Our network of international offices harnesses global expertise to design solutions specifically for the benefit of your business and the communities in which you operate.

We can:

  • Provide advice and consultancy on individual programmes and broader global corporate responsibility strategies
  • Undertake extensive research and market intelligence on the causes that you wish to support and giving cultures in specific markets  
  • Identify community partners across the world that best enable you to deliver your corporate responsibility  
  • Support you in developing strong business/charity partnerships
  • Carry out required charity reviews, due diligence and needs analysis on charitable organisations worldwide
  • Help you to deliver key strands of a corporate responsibility programme from developing a grant programme to engaging with employees, communities and other key stakeholders

To explore how you can best develop your global corporate responsibility contact one of our experts today.