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Maximising ViiV’s international corporate giving programme

The challenge

ViiV Healthcare delivers advances in treatment and care for people living with HIV. ViiV focuses on taking existing medicines to market, researching and developing new antiretroviral drugs and improving access to treatments. They also combat HIV through their Positive Action project - a major community investment programme supporting sustainable community projects at grassroots level in 46 countries.

Transparency and strong ethics are paramount to ViiV’s programme, and in 2010 they approached us to help them manage their charitable funds more effectively.

They required:

  • a single system to hold funds in one location
  • help planning and managing their charitable budget
  • clear reporting mechanisms to ensure the transparency of all transactions
  • validation and due diligence checks on all UK and international charities funded by the programme.

Our approach

Our CAF Company Account, a product already used by nearly 900 of the UK’s top companies as a platform for community investment, was an ideal solution for ViiV. The CAF Company Account holds companies’ charitable budget in a ring-fenced account, enabling it to be offset against profits, and provides a range of mechanisms to release funds to validated charities.

The outcome

Within a few days we had the account in place, allowing ViiV to begin transferring across their grant-making budget at the end of 2010, and make the first payments to charities in early 2011. This was followed by 75 grants to more than 16 countries during the remainder of 2011.  ViiV have a longer term aim of distributing approximately £5m of charitable funds through the account each year for the next 10 years.


“The scale of our programme requires a dedicated system to hold and manage distributions. The CAF Company Account is ideal for our needs as it means deposits are automatically made tax-efficient, funds are stored transparently in one location and payments to charities are independently validated – a particular concern, given the international nature of our programme.”

Dominic Kemps, Director of ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action programme

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