An HMRC-approved CAF Company Account for Partnerships

We have a long history of working with leading Partnerships and the FTSE100 to inspire and enable effective philanthropy and social investment. A market leader in its field, we offer a unique account to allow tax-effective giving for Partnerships, to help you deliver strategies with high social impact.

  • The CAF Company Account for Partnerships is a flexible, tax-effective account which can hold all or part of your company’s charitable giving budget in one secure location, ring-fencing it from your business activities.
  • For over 25 years, we have helped Partnerships reclaim Gift Aid on their charitable donations, uplifting their charitable budgets by up to 25%.
  • The CAF Company Account for Partnerships reduces your legal and administrative costs so that you can focus on running your philanthropic programmes.

"CAF has been fundamental in understanding the needs of our global partnership and their partnership offering has allowed us to maximize the impact of our Citizenship strategy by uplifting our charitable budget. CAF’s ongoing support and expertise of corporate philanthropy has been integral to achieving our community objectives around the world”

Emma Cooke, Global Head of Citizenship



Grow your giving

Claiming Gift Aid on your partners' behalf enables us to grow the value of your donation - increasing charitable funds available for charities.

Managed risk on your behalf

Our validation services provide you and your partnership reassurance when donating to international charitable organisations.

Continuity for your charity partnerships

Channeling your donations through us means that individual partners only complete one Gift Aid Declaration whether the LLP chooses to donate to one or more charities.

Greater impact

Increasing your charitable budget by 25% will enable your LLP to increase the amount of impact you can ultimately have on the charitable sector.


  • Is it easy to set up or migrate to this new giving solution?

    Following our standard on-boarding procedures, we will set up a bespoke CAF Company Account for Partnerships tailored to your Partnership. In line with HMRC guidelines, we require an overview of all contributing Partners as well as an individual Gift Aid declaration from each of them. This will allow us to claim Gift Aid on your Partners’ behalf on all eligible deposits going forward.

    Please contact our dedicated Corporate Client Managers for more guidance on how to set up or migrate to our service.

  • Why does this bespoke HMRC approved giving solution benefit Partnerships?

    The CAF Company Account for Partnerships significantly reduces the administrative burden on Partnerships while facilitating tax relief on your charitable donations. HMRC guidelines require individual Partners to submit Gift Aid declarations each time they contribute to donations made on behalf or the Partnership. Our status as a registered charity allows Partners to make a single Gift Aid declaration to CAF, so we can claim Gift Aid on their behalf going forward.

  • How will the Gift Aid be applied to our Partners?

    We claim Gift Aid on your behalf, and as per your instruction, based on the contributions that each Partner has made to the overall donations. You can choose to allocate individual Partner contributions based on percentage share of Partnership profits, split evenly among each Partner, or in line with your own internal arrangements.

  • Are there any extra costs?

    There are no costs for claiming Gift Aid via the CAF Company Account for Partnerships.

    There is a one off set up fee for creating the tax effective structure that allows us to claim on your behalf. Our standard Company Account charges also apply.

    Please contact for a copy of the Service and Fee Schedule.


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