According to our latest Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100 research, pharmaceutical companies have consistently been the most generous sector in terms of giving. They have donated over £6.7 billion to charitable causes over the last seven years, the equivalent of 7.5% of pre-tax profit over the same period. Although part of this figure will include a financial value assigned to product donations that healthcare companies are uniquely placed to provide, as a benchmark this is still extremely high, with average levels across the FTSE 100 at just 2.4%.

From intrinsic 'Shared Value' recognition, to regulatory scrutiny and reputation management, there are a number of drivers behind this level of giving. What is consistent is a near uniform approach to transparency and disclosure evidenced through initiatives such as the EFPIA’s Disclosure Code. We've also seen this first hand through our FTSE 100 research - Healthcare was one of only five industries where all companies provided data on charitable donations.

At CAF we partner with leading pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, GSK and ViiV Healthcare to support them with these global philanthropic programmes. As an international organisation, we are able to navigate complex legal, political, fiscal and operational issues, enabling our clients to make de-risked, international donations at scale whilst also ensuring UK tax efficiency. Our programmes are designed to enable our clients to maximise their focus on growing their impact whilst ensuring a robust, transparent approach to distributing charitable funds.

We also offer leading strategic advisory services, enabling our clients to develop and express their social purpose, translating their ambitions into innovative, high impact programmes and facilitating a structured approach to impact reporting, programme learning and innovation.


ViiV Healthcare case study 380x220

Supporting communities affected by HIV

We support ViiV Healthcare’s global grantmaking programmes, by getting the funds to reach some of the worst HIV-affected and high-risk parts of the world.

Read the ViiV Healthcare case study
AstraZeneca case study

Supporting young people affected by NCDs

We support AstraZeneca's global grant making programme by validating and distributing grants to reduce risk behaviours in young people worldwide.

Read the AstraZeneca case study
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Helping to drive life-changing medical care

CAF Russia supported Alfa-Group to develop a strategy that would help improve access to proper health care for children in Russia with endocrine diseases.

Read the Alfa-Group case study


CAF provides tax-effective financial vehicles to enable companies to give securely and safely both in the UK and overseas. We also provide strategic advisory services to help our clients deliver effective programmes, raise employee engagement and increase social impact.

CAF Company Account

A strategic, tax-effective giving solution to manage local and global community investment.

Make your giving count

CAF Corporate Grant Making

Help clients create strategic grant making programmes, through our Design, Deliver and Learn model, extending their reach and impact.

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Strategic CSR advice

Collaborate with businesses to offer critical advice and integrate social purpose through high impact strategies and programmes.

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Get your employees involved with CAF Give As You Earn

CAF Give As You Earn

The UK’s market leading Payroll Giving scheme provides a tax-effective way for your employees to donate.

Inspire your employees


Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100 580x260

Corporate Giving by the FTSE 100

Our dedicated research and policy team have been analysing corporate giving trends. Our new report reveals charitable giving amongst FTSE 100 companies.

Find out more about giving in your industry
Beyond Integrety 580x260

Beyond Integrity

  • Research by CAF

Our report examines how some companies are going above and beyond their traditional role to protect civic space. We offer recommendations for corporate action in support of the civil society space via the Framework for Corporate Engagement.

Hear how businesses support and protect civil society

Corporate responsibility advisory services


Our team help responsible business become an invaluable source for social good.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Find out how our framework for strategic alignment with the SDGs can support your company to maximise its social impact.

Rules to Give By

The world's first global index that ranks nations by how enabling the legal, regulatory and tax environment is for charitable giving.

8 steps towards localism

The increasing cultural shift towards localism and how businesses can build a stronger connection within the communities they operate in is explored.


Jack Leech

Jack Leech

Senior Corporate Client Manager

Jack Leech is our Senior Corporate Client Manager who manages the relationship with our Pharmaceutical clients. He specialises in working with our clients to maximise the impact of their philanthropy and corporate responsibility strategy.

Contact Jack via email or telephone on +44 (0) 3000 123 219