A biopharmaceutical business with a global reach, AstraZeneca develops new medicines for diseases that affect millions of people.

In 2010, after years of far-reaching impact through their projects, AstraZeneca partnered with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Plan International to launch their charitable programme, The Young Health Programme (YHP).

The YHP aims to target risk behaviours in young people that can lead to common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) later on in life. In addition, the programme delivers mental health awareness and education on sexual health.

Seeing the potential impact that the programme could have on future generations, we got involved to provide verification services and distribution of grants for the programme.

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YHP is our philanthropic commitment to improving the health of young people worldwide, supporting our communities and offering employees a way to get involved and volunteer.  Being aware of our bigger role in the world and our responsibilities is one of the many reasons why AstraZeneca is a great place to work.”

Helen Seibel, Associate Director, Global Community Investment, AstraZeneca



The YHP has a unique focus on young people and primary prevention of the most common non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart and respiratory disease, which account for over 40 million deaths per year.

Research has shown that certain behaviours that can lead to NCDs in later life for example, unhealthy eating, tobacco use, alcohol abuse - are often formed during adolescence. This makes this age group an ideal point of intervention against NCDs.

NCDs are responsible for 15 million “premature” deaths (between the ages 30 and 69 years) per year - 80% of these are estimated to occur in low and-middle-income countries (WHO).

People across age groups, genders and global regions are vulnerable to the risk factors of NCDs whether it be socio-economic, behavioural and lifestyle choices, or metabolic preconditions.

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We've been involved with the verification and distribution of YHP grants from the programme’s inception

26 countries

Our comprehensive due diligence process has ensured that donations were safeguarded across 26 countries including some high risk areas.

3m young people

Thanks to the collaboration with CAF, over 3 million young people have been impacted by the YHP.

20,000 health workers

More than 20,000 frontline health workers trained in adolescent health.

Products and services used

"Our collaboration with CAF has ensured that our donations are safeguarded, reaching the intended beneficiaries and their communities. Having an account management team means we are kept up to date with the status of our donations in the verification process and are alerted to global policy changes which may impact the donation process.”

Helen Seibel, Associate Director, Global Community Investment, AstraZeneca


Jack Leech

Jack Leech

Senior Corporate Client Manager

Jack Leech is our Senior Corporate Client Manager who manages the relationship with AstraZeneca and our other pharmaceutical clients. He specialises in working with our clients to maximise the impact of their philanthropy and corporate responsibility strategy.

Contact Jack via email or telephone on +44 (0) 3000 123 219


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