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Our technology hub provides corporate responsibility professionals in the technology industry with a range of content from blogs on the impact of algorithims and automation to cutting edge research on blockchain.


We work with leading technology companies, enabling them to maximise their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and employee engagement programmes, and are committed to providing trusted expertise to our clients including:

  • Establishing Payroll Giving schemes for technology companies, allowing them to support their employee’s personal giving motivations in a tax effective way.
  • Offering technology companies a CAF Company Account to manage their corporate giving tax effectively.
  • Supporting technology companies in making secure international donations to charities worldwide through our robust validation service.

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What role will technology play in corporate philanthropy?

Four of the key technology trends for 2017 have been identified by the experts, and we offer our thoughts on what impact they could have on philanthropy.

1. Blockchain

2. The Internet of Things

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Augmented/Virtual Reality

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How can tech advance the culture of giving?

We share our insights of how technology can integrate purpose, why authentic social purpose is essential and who we work with.

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Bitcoin and blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have some fascinating features that could have a huge impact on charities and charitable giving.

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Giving in a world without work?

We explore the impact of automation on the future of work and whether some form of Universal Basic Income payment is necessary.

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Giving through gaming

We've carried out research amongst video gamers on their attitudes towards charitable giving through gaming.

The full results of the Gaming and Charity survey can be found in our infographic.

Research findings

Corporate responsibility advisory services


Our team help responsible business become an invaluable source for social good.

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CAF Give As You Earn

Our Payroll Giving scheme is a flexible, tax-effective way for your employees to donate to the causes they care about straight from their pay.

CAF Company Account

Giving through a CAF Company Account can make your giving count to both charities and your company in a simple, safe and strategic way.

CAF Advisory Services

Our Advisory team have a strong track record of providing strategic corporate responsibility, sustainability and community investment advice.


Katy Wood

Corporate Client Manager

Katy Wood is our Corporate Client Manager. Katy specialises in working with the technology industry to maximise their philanthropy and corporate responsibility strategy.

Katy Wood
Corporate Client Manager

T: 03000 123 263