Why is philanthropy important to you?

Investec is a values driven organisation. Our values drive everything that we do, from recruitment to lending and client services.

Along with respect for others and valuing diversity, one of our most fundamental values is making an unselfish contribution to society.

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Who/What inspires you to give?

Being able to make a real difference to our community, and I’ll give you three examples. Firstly, seeing young people develop into positive role models, once they have had access to great opportunities. Secondly, helping to empower people to create sustainable solutions to problems in their local community. Thirdly, playing a part in protecting and improving our natural environment, with and for the benefit of local and global communities.

How does your organisation support you to give?

Investec offers employee charity funding, which recognises our fundraising efforts with donations to the charities we choose. We can also make use of payroll giving, so we can donate easily, straight from our salaries. We’re also offered places in various fundraising events such as the London Marathon and other challenges, such as the Three Peaks. Over and above all this, Investec encourages all of us to spend two days a year supporting our community partners.

Why is giving important in the City? What are the key trends you have seen emerging?

The City is a centre for finance and wealth. It’s important, though, that we stay humble and remember that £1,000 can mean something different to a trader, a local entrepreneur just starting their business, or a student looking to further their studies. We can all make a positive impact in our communities, and it feels great to be part of numerous initiatives that inspire businesses and their people to give and do more.

Companies are realising more and more the importance of charitable activities that feed into the business goals too, for example building a more diverse workforce in terms of gender, ethnic and socio-economic background.

If you were given £1m to donate, what difference would you like to make?

At Investec, we focus on and are passionate about education, entrepreneurship and the environment. We’d spend the money in these areas, with dedicated community partners. By engaging our people, we’d leverage their time and skills as well, to maximise the depth and breadth of our impact.


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