As one of Britain's largest energy companies, npower's aim is to keep energy simple for everyone and understand the needs of vulnerable consumers. They set up the foundation to address the fuel crisis problem and develop sustainable solutions to it. 

Their vision is a UK where regardless of energy supplier, everyone has access to energy for the basics: heating, cooking and keeping the lights on.


Facing the business challenge

Turning npower's mission into a success story

At the start of our partnership, we focused on what impact npower wanted to achieve to end the fuel crisis, which we used to inform their strategic approach and steps to implementation. 

We collaborated with npower to build on the successful piloting of the Fuel Bank ™ programme and create the npower Foundation by:

  • Conducting benchmarking among leading corporate foundations, capturing relevant insights to their strategic aims

  • Engaging stakeholders across the business to develop a strategic direction for the Foundation, challenging them to think more boldly through practical approaches that redefine the potential impact for the Fuel Bank™

  • Advising on key aspects of foundation strategy and governance, testing assumptions and clarifying the way forward at critical points in the establishment of the Foundation. 

“We have found CAF’s independent constructive challenge very useful in developing a robust approach to strategy for the Foundation. Their knowledge and support on impact and governance has also been invaluable."

Matthew Cole, Head of Policy & Social Energy, Npower.


To further npower’s reach and impact, our Advisory experts helped to develop a Theory of Change model, that provides a strategic focus and plan to demonstrate the impact that the Foundation can make on society. The model covers the programmes for people in Fuel Banks and npower’s longer-term work at system level to raise awareness, leverage resources from others and drive social change.

What our partnership has achieved

  • npower has a model with commitment from across the business which led to the successful launch of the Foundation in 2017.

  • The Fuel Bank ™ is clear on its longer-term outcomes, including its intended impact and its role in alleviating the fuel crisis in the UK. In addition, npower is able to engage new partners and leverage new sources of funding.

  • Through this journey, npower has created opportunities to engage in system level change by forming new alliances across sectors, sharing their insight and how to prevent fuel crisis. In doing so, they are widening their reach and maximising their impact on society.

Transforming purpose into practice

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